NIBI Certified Inspector Program


There is no one conventional education or job background that adequately prepares an individual to be a professional home inspector. A strong construction or engineering Home Inspector Certificationbackground is a plus, but it does not obviate the need for formal inspection training. Surprisingly, some home inspection licensing and certification programs allow inspectors to perform inspections prior to ever having completed any formal inspection training on issues specifically related to home inspections. Participants in NIBI's Certified Inspector program must satisfactorily complete a home inspection training program as well as field work.

Basic Certification Requirements
NIBI has trained and certified thousands of inspectors for the past 15+ years, throughout the U.S. and Canada. Upon completion of an introductory home inspection course, graduates must satisfactorily complete an extensive exam and trial inspections during a two-month probationary period. Only upon satisfactory completion of this extended training period, participation in the continuing education program, and submission of proof of insurance will an applicant be eligible for initial Institute Certification. (Click here for more details)

Training Courses (Click here for more information)
All NIBI Certified inspectors must successfully complete an extensive seminar that has a course curriculum covering the basics of all areas of residential structural and mechanical systems. The courses must cover not only the technical aspects of the job, but also the communication and report writing skills needed to properly interact with all parties to the home inspection and house sale.

Ongoing Education and Testing
NIBI Certified inspectors are required to participate in NIBI continuing education programs. It’s difficult, if not impossible, for the average home inspector to keep abreast of the constant changes that occur in residential construction and real estate. It is easy for busy inspectors to fall behind on this category as they handle the operations of their businesses. To help NIBI keep NIBI Certified Inspectors provides access to technical bulletins and other pertinent materials and resources.  NIBI Certified inspectors must re-certify each year by successfully completing an annual re-certification exam as a test of their continuing education.

NIBI requires Professional Liability insurance for all NIBI Certified inspectors. No one wants to anticipate the possibility of an inspector oversight; however, it can and does happen. Everyone is best served when the inspection firm that the inspector works for is insured.

Code of Conduct
Homebuyers are faced with a complexity of issues and decisions when considering a home purchase. When it comes to selecting a home inspector, homebuyers need someone who is knowledgeable, impartial, and provides quality inspection services in accordance with applicable and recognized home inspection standards of practice.

Certified Inspectors must meet these requirements and also adhere to the following Code of Conduct. This ensures that homebuyers who choose a NIBI Certified Inspector for their home inspection will be provided with a truly professional service.

NIBI Code Of Conduct

1. NIBI Certified Inspectors will always conduct their inspections in a professional, ethical manner with full respect and good faith to all parties involved in the transaction. 2. NIBI Certified Inspectors will inform their clients of the scope and general limitations of a home inspection. 

3. NIBI Certified Inspectors will provide an objective opinion on the physical condition of the inspected elements of the property as of the date of inspection. 

4. NIBI Certified Inspectors will not make any determination on the value of a property or make recommendations regarding the purchase of a property. 

5. NIBI Certified Inspectors will provide a written inspection report to their clients, with report distribution only as requested by a client or required by law. 

6. NIBI Certified Inspectors will not perform inspections on properties in which they have any current or contemplated financial interest. 

7. NIBI Certified Inspectors will comply with the Institute's continuing educational requirements.