New Jersey Home Inspection Courses

For 26 years NIBI has been the leader in home inspection education in NJ. All of our training courses for home inspectors are located in our dedicated, hands on training facility in Medford, NJ. All of our home inspection courses are approved by the NJ state department of Labor and The NJ Department of Education.

NJ Home Inspector Requirements:

Effective February 14, 2006, individuals are no longer able to apply as Associate Home Inspectors.  Instead, applicants can submit an application for Home Inspector after successful completion of a home inspection program consisting of a 180 hour curriculum, of which 40 hours will be dedicated field training under the direct supervision of a licensed Home Inspector.  Applicants must also pass an examination administered and approved by the Home Inspection Advisory Committee.  Correspondence Courses are not accepted for Pre-licensing education but they are accepted for continuing education as long as approved by the Board.

The board requires 40 hours of Continuing Education per license renewal. NJ board only accepts 10 hours of correspondence education per biennial renewal.

The following is a list of suggested Home inspection courses that are suitable for training in New Jersey.    NJ Home Inspection School

Format Approved Instruction Hours
NIBI Classroom Home Inspection Courses HI-180NJ Pre-licensing Home Inspection Course w/ 40 hours field training 140 + 40
NIBI Online Home Inspector Training Online® training is available for CEU Only (Click For Options) 8-200
NIBI At-Home Distance learning Home Inspection Education NIBI At Home® Training is not available yet. NA
NIBI Environmental Courses NIBI Environmental Courses (Click For Options) 4-24